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Pre-employment assessment

Do you have a pre-employment Health Assessment Questionnaire? The answer is almost certainly "Yes".

But is your Questionnaire compliant with the new Equality Act, and what do you do when you receive the completed form?

You may be like many employers who simply use their judgement to look for obvious problems. But are you suitably qualified to undertake the review, and will you pick up underlying issues that could be a sign of potential problems ahead?

Equally importantly, could you fall foul of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 by withholding an employment opportunity from an otherwise suitable candidate?

Our service

Our desktop service provides a professional review of the pre-employment Health Assessment Questionnaire, and gives an immediate indication of any concerns, or issues. We would recommend that you use our Equality-Act Compliant Questionnaire. We can provide a form on request, but your own version may be suitable.

After review, we may suggest a pre-employment medical to assess suitably for employment.

Alternatively, if you have in-house resources to review your questionnaires we can provide a full medical assessment as and when you might require it.

Our services on whether potential applicants are fit to undertake the specific job for which they are being employed is fully compliant with the DDA. We supplement this with advice on any reasonable adjustments that may need to be made to the role if there is an underlying health condition present.

Quite simply, our service will ensure that you cover all of your legal duties.


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Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd:

"I cannot speak too highly of OHSW. The service and speed of response is always first class from the dedicated and very knowledgeable team. Thank you."

The Seafood Restaurant, Padstow:

"thank you for your fantastic service... we really appreciate your dedication and excellent value for money."

A&P Falmouth

"We have worked with OHSW for more than 10 years... Dr Tellam is always on hand to offer professional advice and support... feedback is always prompt and concise."