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Health surveillance screening

About our Service

Our health surveillance service is ideal for employers whose staff may be exposed to hazards in the workplace.

Ideally, our advice would start before the exposure to hazard commences. This enables the employer to identify a baseline measure from which to determine whether the hazard has an adverse effect on staff. But if staff are already exposed it's never too late to take advice and consider whether any action can be taken to reduce risks.

After working with the employer to formulate a strategy to protect staff, our ongoing surveillance helps ensure that this is working, and allows adjustments to be made where there may be weaknesses.

In addition, we can help employers identify the early signs of work-related ill-health through regular basic screening or we can undertake specific risk-related procedures such as: hearing tests, looking for skin damage from chemical exposure, and lung-function tests, etc.

Who needs health surveillance?

All employers should consider and identify health hazards in their workplace, who might be at risk, and what might be done to minimise the risks. Employers are at particular risk if their staff are exposed to:

  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Dusts, Solvents and Fumes
  • Biological agents

Where the exposure is covered by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002, undertaking on-going health surveillance is vital to maintaining employee safety and, in turn, eliminating the risk of litigation against the employer.

Our 4-point Plan

We recommend that all employers follow our 4-point plan:

  1. Consider whether there is a health-risk problem, or a need for Occupational Health input in the workplace.
  2. Take professional advice on the controls needed to minimise the risks
  3. Put the controls in place.
  4. Undertake health surveillance to ensure that the controls are working.


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Macsalvors (Plant Hire) Ltd:

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"We have worked with OHSW for more than 10 years... Dr Tellam is always on hand to offer professional advice and support... feedback is always prompt and concise."